2008 - 2018 The Bell's 10th Birthday Celebrations

To mark The Bell's 10th (official) Birthday on 18th June, Emma, along with Kate and Fernander (The Bell's two longest serving members of the team), planted an oak tree with the assistance of Alscot's forester George Wargent - who has also received recognition from the RFS for his longstanding service.

The tree marks the start of the Alscot Parkland Restoration Project where in excess of 150 trees will be planted in November 2018, including one each for those team members that have worked at Alscot for 10 years or more.

Staff and guests enjoyed the celebrations throughout the day where diners were invited to special birthday drinks on the house, including; a Birthday Bellini, Alscot Dec-Ale and Pappy Birthday Coffee especially blended for The Bell by Monsoon Estates Coffee Co, based at Alscot. 

Later on Sunday 10th July The Bell threw a Birthday Bash and the setting was absolutely perfect as the sun shone well into the evening for the garden party. Beats came from the prominent first floor balcony as the DJ pleased the crowd with upbeat tunes. Magician Jester Styles stunned individuals as he engaged with and performed to small groups of guests. The highlight of the afternoon was a 30 minute dance routine, performed admirably in scorching hot conditions, by the cardigan clad Fizzogs/Dancing Grannies from the Black Country. Adults and children enjoyed numerous party games and prize giveaways.