Our Committment to The Environment

The true scale of man's impact on the planet was laid bare by Sir David Attenborough this year in the final episode of the ground-breaking documentary Blue Panet II.  The episode shocked the nation as it exposed the effect of waste plastic on our oceans and wildlife. 

The Bell has taken a number of solid steps over the last few months in a bid to minimise the use of plastic and chemicals to help the environment. The first simple and obvious conversion was to replace plastic drinking straws with those made of paper that are also biodegradable. For guests staying with us overnight, we only refresh towels for guests staying with us for more than one night and only if we are requested to do so. Our apothecary products have been replaced throughout to those supplied by a local company 100 Acres. They try to source organic ingredients wherever possible and their products do not contain any nasty parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial colourings or fragrances.  Furthermore, the products are not tested on animals.  To dispense the products we use refillable bottles rather than disposable ones to reduce our use of plastic. The vanity kits contain 3 organic embossed cotton pads and 3 organic paper, rather than plastic, stick cotton buds which are presented in a resealable sachet which is made from recycled plastic.

Since its invention some 100 years ago, plastic has become an integral part of our daily lives, but every year some eight million tons of it ends up in the ocean. Once there, plastic breaks down into tiny fragments - micro plastics, and along with all industrial chemicals which have drained into the ocean these form a potentially toxic combination.

At The Bell, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and continue to make further steps in order to reduce our use of plastic and chemicals.